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Tonight is quiet and calm outside, just the echoing sound of crickets and resonating sound of planes in the air. So far, I haven’t heard any sirens that made me wonder if my peoples straight out here in these streets, so I’m good for now. I’d like to consider myself an audiophile, one who sees the world with their ears. Soundcheck is an experience that will follow my journey as an audio engineer/entrepreneur in Miami networking, building relationships, and occasional candid interviews that are open, progressive and give you insight and perspective in my everyday interactions with people.

A little bit about myself, my name is Munch. I grew up in Liberty City, my parents kept me busy thinking it would make me immune to my environment and thus not having to suffer the same fate as my peers would. Their theory turned out to be proven correct, I didn’t get in a lot of trouble but that didn’t mean I could ignore the ills of society growing up in the hood.

In essence, Soundcheck will encompass the youth, violence, community building initiaves, economics, politics, and fun living in Miami. How blacks were a viable resource in cultivating and developing Miami early on. Yet, we’re still disrespected, disregarded and deprived of resources being reallocated to other communities. How “arts & culture” and recent developments continue to gentrify our communities and create a facade of change, leaving the market for local artists to thrive damn near impossible.


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