Comedian Milton Hall was born and raised in Miami, Florida. He started comedy at the request of his peers and colleagues, who he always made laugh. The first time Milton ever performed stand-up comedy was in the  5th grade. Reciting jokes that his granddad would tell him, he recalls:

“I just stood in front of the class and did what I thought was funny.” — M.H.

As his love for comedy grew, so did his experience. Nine months into comedy, Milton became one of the house MCs of a local Tallahassee comedy club. This allowed him to develop his love and consistency in the microphone, which carried on throughout the years as he both hosted & performed at various gigs.

With the mind of a writer, and the heart of a producer, the is able to come up with original sketches and has visions of what films and large scale comedy shows would look like in the future.

I take my fears, frustrations, difficult times, funny moments and weird thoughts and turn them into jokes – M.H.

Upbeat, highly entertaining, and electrifying, Milton Hall is a comedian with a high energy act that will keep you laughing from beginning to end.

For booking, interviews & press, email heybuddy@miltonhallglobal.com