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Hi ladies and gents! Hope you had a great week! This week I did an awesome songwriting workshop with

some of the girls from Girls First! camp at the Madeira School. It was a super-fun songwriting party :) We

wrote a song called Don’t Go (Please Don’t Break My Broken Heart).

I feel happy every time I get to do a workshop. THANK YOU <3

Top Ten?

Despite the fact that I conduct songwriting workshops, I am STILL learning. Every time I turn on the radio

or go to a live show I’m picking up bits and pieces of the craft of songwriting. I also have mentors and

people that I get advice from.

One of these pieces of advice that I got recently was to listen to my most faaaaaaavoooriiiiite songs, and

learn them. Learn their structure. Get inspired by them. Learn these songs inside out, then come back to

my own writing in a couple months and see how they change the way I write (for the better hopefully).

So— I’m deciding to start with 10! Here’s my 10….not necessarily in order…just my 10 favorites:

1. Classic (MKTO) <— :-D I loooooooove this song!

2. You and I (One Direction) <—yup, already did a Youtube cover, but I still want it in my top 10.

3. Chandelier (Sia) <—- AND EVERY OTHER SONG ON HER NEW ALBUM (but I’ll start with this for now)

4. Let it Go (Frozen) <—-sigh..hate on me go ahead! I love Disney and I love this song! I want to write for

Disney one day. That’s one of my big dreams!

5. To Sir With Love (LuLu) <—- a CLASSIC! my most favorite song of all time by my most favorite singer

of all time–LuLu

6. International Smile (Katy Perry) <—yes! I loves Katy Perry. Meow!


8. American Girl (Bonnie McKee) <— so bubble gum. so pop. I loves it. I loves my bubble gum <3

9. I Only Have Eyes For You (The Flamingos) <—oldies! so simple, so beautiful. yes please.

10. A Whole New World (Aladdin) <—- :-D that’s one of my top Disney songs of all time :-D hee hee!

Welp! Time to go learn these songs…looks like I got my work cut out for me. See you in a year. Just

kidding ha ha. ..maybe I should’ve started with 5 instead of 10?

What’s in your Top 10?! TELL ME!

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