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Guess who didn’t have to go to work today!! WOOOOHOOOOOOO!


Thank you for your independence from Great Britain!….but if we had never become

independent…would we all have British accents right now??? Blimey! Holy fish n’ chips!

Anyway… last night I was looking out my window and SURPRISE! FIREWORKS! A day early! Why are

fireworks always amazing? I’ve been seeing them for the past 10,000 years and they still captivate me.


Who else?! Tell me I’m not alone! I hope you have fun staring into the beauty of fireworks tonight. Do

you ever go to the ones on the National Mall? How come hot ashes never fall into anyone’s eyeballs?!

Those fireworks look so close! But what a bedazzling spectacle, if that ever happened it would be totally

worth it.

Please share with me your favorite place in Northern VA or DC to watch fireworks! I’m not sure where to

go yet :)

The Great Mascara Caper – SOLVED

I would like to announce the winner of the great mascara caper! Teva Teebrook!

Teva successfully matched all 3 mascara brands with their corresponding eyeballs

(? how ?).

Teva has been supporting my music for a long time. She also supports other indie artists on her radio

show at Indie Music Works.

She will be airing a triple play of my tunes on Wednesday July 9th.

GO LISTEN! and also if you are an artist, JOIN the Indie Music Works community!

I tried to give Teva the wonderful prize of my classic November 2013 issue of Tiger Beat. But alas…she

insisted upon a simple shout-out.


“The Happily Teva After Show” to join/chat to listen only

Live Radio Show Online EVERY Wednesday night

5-7 pm PST

8-10 pm EST

She will be doing a special Nila Kay Triple Play on July 9th. wooot woot!

Ladies and gentleman – this case is CLOSED!

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