We Shall Bät is an educational organization that’s based in Philadelphia, PA and stands firmly on the promise “We Shall Overcome”.


The mission of We Shall Bät is to transform our views on who we consider a “superhero” and to look to those who have significantly influenced the world through their heroic abilities.


A super hero is looked upon as a character that is endowed with extraordinary powers or someone that is dedicated to protecting and serving the public. This organization strives to encourage the youth in our society that there is more to their character than just being defined as average. We are dedicated to building a sense of empowerment amongst the youth and encourage them to discover the many amazing talents and abilities that they hold within themselves.


The vision of We Shall Bät is to significantly redefine the idea of an authentic “superhero” within our society. We want the youth to look to the many iconic heroes of the past that have made so much possible for them today and to become empowered by their heroic qualities so that they know how capable they are of making an impact in this world.